Quantum Of Solace : Bond Doesn't Disappoint

Finally, a James Bond movie worthy of praise, and lots of it. What Daniel Craig may have lacked in Casino Royale, he has more than made up for in Quantum of Solace. He?s given the 007 character a new persona: one that is far more powerful than Pierce Brosnan could have delivered.

I must admit, however, the Brosnan was probably my favourite Bond before Quantum of Solace. He brought a certain level of sophistication and style to the character, and that was very important. Until now. From start to finish, Quantum of Solace is packed with fast-paced, aggressive action that truly delivers an unforgettable cinematic experience. The action, the toughness that this Craig version of James Bond emanates is so powerful, that it renders the women and gadgets of the Brosnan era irrelevant.

And that, truly is the status given to both women and gadgets in this movie. Dealing with the current topic of corruption and keeping the planet eco-friendly, women no more take a center stage in the works of 007. The movie is focused more, on some level, on the politics, and on other, really on what the work of a spy like assassin really is. Daniel Craig, in this case, executes it to perfection.

I?m not here to give away the plot, so I won?t discuss the details of the film. However, I must say that Quantum of Solace does not disappoint. In many years, this is one movie which not only delivers on a story-line, but proves to be a hard earned action movie delivering the entertainment you would expect from the likes of MI-6, that is, James Bond. Well worth watching in the Cinema, this movie will certainly change the Pierce Brosnan persona of James Bond.

Worth mentioning here, that even though the title song had an okay beat, it was the most disappointing part of the film.