Bfm Digital And Mi2n Help Indie Labels Get Noticed

BFM Digital, a leading digital music aggregator and distributor of independent music, announces that it will be using Mi2N's PR Gold Service to promote key album releases from BFM's growing catalog of indie labels and artists.

Mi2N, one of the most popular sources for delivering music news, has created a special, premium version of its successful PR Gold service exclusively for BFM's content providers. The exclusive package focuses on delivering broad online distribution and awareness of their press release directly to their intended audience: fans and music professionals. In line with this more 'street team' approach to PR marketing, Mi2N will include distribution through its newswire network, over 100 online communities and music blogs utilizing SoundCloud.

"We have already used the PR Gold services to successfully promote some of our high-profile album releases. It is the easiest and most effective method for targeting prospective fans and consumers," says BFM CEO, Steven Corn. "Offering such packaged services as this reflects our commitment to help our artists expand their online presence."

BFM will make this service immediately available. Utilizing their current digital assets, BFM will provide a turnkey process. In addition, Mi2N will create a customized ordering system to permit BFM's labels and artists to easily submit their album features and press releases.

"It was important to develop a simple-to-use system that adressed the specific needs of labels such as BFM Digital's members: more exposure reaching more eyeballs and ears," noted Mi2N Founder Eric de Fontenay. "We look forward to helping introduce BFM's family of labels to the online music community."

BFM Digital, LLC

Connecting music to the world since 2004, BFM Digital is an innovative digital distribution company committed to serving the independent music community by helping them maximize their catalog's potential through global digital distribution. BFM Digital offers labels, artists and content providers access to all major online and mobile store fronts. BFM represents hundreds of catalogs in every genre and works closely with labels to ensure top placements through ongoing promotions with retailers and target campaigns for key releases. BFM is also affiliated with leading global publishing companies such as The Royalty Network, Inc.

About Mi2N (Music Industry News Network)

Mi2N is a leader in delivering music news to music industry professionals and fans since 1998. With over 20,000 subscribers and free news submission, Mi2N has become a major marketing tool for promoters, independent artists, PR agencies and marketing departments across the music industry.